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Want to Join the e5 Resident Organizations?

To consider joining the e5 project, we suggest that you review the following questions before contacting us. The answers will help both of us determine the best match of needs and resources. In fact, it may be most efficient to send us an e-mail [ info >at< encuentro5 >dot< org] based on these questions. You may view a list of organizations resident at e5 by going to our "groups" page.

  • Who is your constituency? [Provide a clear sense of the communities in both demographic and geographic terms]
  • Do you have an a Board of Directors/Trustees or Advisors? If so, who is on the board? Or, let us know who your fiscal sponsor is?
  • What is your mission statement?
  • What your main projects? Explain also their objectives and timeframes?
  • Where do your resources and funding come from?
  • How do you see e5 contributing to your work?
  • What is your opinion of the work being done by other e5-based organizations?
  • How does your work relate to some of the other e5-based organization's work?
  • Please list your partner organizations and/or allies.
  • Are you able to commit to making regular monthly contributions to encuentro5 (including for the first and last month)?