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e5 Sustainer Program

You can support Encuentro 5 by becoming a sustainer.

Reserving Space @ e5

Learn how to make reservations with Encuentro 5 spaces.

encuentro5 friends

With ever more intense and global waves of resistance, movement building spaces like encuentro 5 are as strategically important as ever: we amplify new movements, we "keep hope alive" in quiet periods.

To keep our doors open and to expand our organizing platform, we need your help! The friends "program" is a way to stay connected, share ideas, coordinate our energies and to grow a stable funding base.


encuentro5 is a collaborative of grassroots, service and advocacy organizations sharing skills and resources. It's core functions are managed by Mass. Global Action and TecsChange.


Numerous campaigns and projects have used e5 as a platform for their media work. We keep a fairly current regional media list and are always poised to blast fax/e-mail out media advisories, press releases and statements. Many organizations have hosted press conferences and events directly at e5.


encuentro 5 (e5) is a collaborative project and space for progressive movement building in the heart of Boston.

Privacy Policy

Respecting your privacy and being responsible with the data we collect from you is of the utmost importance to us.  We will not use or share your information with anyone except as described in this privacy policy.


Who can use the space, about the space, and how to use the space.

Want to Join the e5 Resident Organizations?

Questions to consider before joining Encuentro 5.