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Who can use the space?

  • e5 welcomes organizations and individuals from a wide range of progressive viewpoints that reject militarism and neoliberalism
  • e5 welcomes organizations and individuals challenging domination and exploitation
  • e5 does not welcome individuals and organizations that practice violence

Event & Meeting Space

  • To use the space, the event or meeting host must attend an orientation session (these are held periodically and announced on the and Mission-Based-Massachusetts email lists.
  • The main event space provides seating for up to 50 people
  • Our space is still in development and is not yet wheelchair accessible
  • There are several tables for smaller meetings, including a conference-style table (for small meetings up to 12 people)
  • We expect organizations to clean up the areas that they use and also to ensure that the bathrooms are returned to e5 in the same condition that it was offered
  • Additional usage fees apply for use of certain equipment

Publicity & Endorsements

  • We encourage organizations to provide flyers and notices of their event so that these may be advertised on the e5 website (at the discretion of the e5 organizers)
  • Holding an event at e5 does not imply that either e5, its resident organizations or Massachusetts Global Action endorses (and/or supports) the event or the organization(s) sponsoring that event