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Working-Class Heroes, A History of Struggle in Song

By suren - Posted on 03 June 2019

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Monday, June 17th, 2019, 6:30 - 8:30 p.m. Matt Callahan and Yvonne Moore return to encuentro5 with songs from their just-released CD & Songbook, "Working-Class Heroes: A History of Struggle in Song (PM Press). Featuring over a dozen songwriters, from Joe Hill to Aunt Molly Jackson, Working-Class Heroes delivers a lyrical refutation of the myth that political songs of the twentieth century were all being written by intellectuals and outside agitators in New York. Many, like Ella May Wiggins, were literally murdered by the bosses. Others, like Sarah Ogan Gunning, watched their children starve to death and their husbands die of black lung, only to rise up singing against the system that caused so much misery. Their heroism resulted not from their being different from their fellow workers but from being the same. Most of the songs collected here are from the twentieth century, yet their striking relevance to current affairs invites us to explore the historical conditions that inspired their creation: deep, systemic crisis, advancing fascism, and the threat of world war. In the face of violent terror, these working-class songwriters bravely stood up to fight oppression. Such courage and heroism is immortal, such heroes should be celebrated and their songs can still lift our spirits, if we sing them today.

This event is free; donations appreciated!

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