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Fighting the Undeclared Emergency in India

By sandra - Posted on 19 November 2018


Fighting the Undeclared Emergency in India


When: Saturday, December 15th at 7pm

Where: encuentro 5, 9 Hamilton Pl, Ste A, Boston (Green/Red line: Park Street station)


Workers, peasants, Dalits, Muslims, indigenous people and activists are under attack because of the Indian government’s undeclared emergency. Dalit activists, intellectuals and human rights lawyers recently have been arrested under a draconian “anti-terrorist” act. Adivasis (indigenous people) and peasants, who have been fighting for a fair price for their crops, have been assaulted and killed. Several people of Muslim faith and Dalits have also been lynched with political complicity. As unemployment continues to increase, workers are leading a precarious existence. Despite the odds, Dalits, Muslims, peasants, women, workers, and Adivasi continue to resist the increasing fascist policies of the Indian government. The speakers will focus on this resistance of the people of India.


Padma will talk about the sensational arrests of prominent human rights activists, lawyers and intellectuals this year using fabricated charges under the draconian ‘anti terrorist’ laws in India that have been largely used to suppress dissent.

Somnath will discuss some of the everyday crises that the rural poor face as more and more natural resources are being appropriated by corporations and the political elite and how communities are coping with it.


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