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Main St. $marts w/Grace Ross

New Event Date to be Announced Soon Thursday, December 9, 2010, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Join organizer and writer Grace Ross for a conversation about her recently released book, Main St. $marts. Here's bold and democratic declaration that informs the book:

We the regular people who make up Main St. are absolutely smart enough to understand what’s going on.

In addition, we are smart enough to carry out our birthright: to be the deciders, to be the government by and for us.

Main St. $marts walks us through the underlying economics and ramp up to this crisis – pointing out what we already suspect. We know from life experience what is going on better than the wealthy that now run our government and giant corporations. Our economy depends upon our ability to work and have enough money to live and spend comfortably. In fact the more regular people can participate in our economy, the better it runs.

Main St. $marts asks us to put aside some of the key assumptions that we’ve been told over and over again by those who’ve been running our country over the last few decades. We may have been told these key ideas were reality but they were never our reality.

Grace Ross does this in the context of laying out the fundamentals of economics and the major policies that have set the stage for the economic mess that we’re in. She talks about the immediate ramp up to the crisis in international lending and the present day damage caused by the foreclosure crisis. She addresses key choices that have been made – and could be – made around healthcare, education, and our prison system. She lays out specific examples of economic choices by our government that could make an immediate difference in our lives and also turn around the economic future of our state and our state government.