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MESA sin fronteras (Table without Borders)

By alisa - Posted on 25 December 2009

* New community club/coffeehouse at e5 invites you for a warm gathering! *

Sunday, December 27, 7:00 p.m. Good food, music, and dynamite documentaries from around the rebellious globe. We will explore some 20th century US propaganda through cartoons and magazine advertisements and counter-images of resistance art of the time. (It was also rumoured there will be a mini chess tournament...) Relax, enjoy the evening, make new connections for the new year, and support MESA's last stretch before the opening in January. This gathering will be a mini-fundraiser, with dinner plates at a sliding scale donation of $7 - $12 and drinks at $2-$3. Come join us!  Last time at MESA's... (read more).

We ate plentifully of Nur's exquisite Turkish cooking, Wagner and Rafael serenaded the evening with guitar playing and magical songs, Alistair entranced us with his presentation of Jimi Hendrix's Histrionic Heroics, exploring Art as a Socio-Political Agent, we watched clips from Woodstock and the Monterey Festival, as well as the stirring documentary, "Oaxaca Vive: Between Rebellion and Utopia," while Leonid impressed our socks off (and his own) by playing chess blindfolded and barefooted defeating opponents brave and craven alike (I hope that says more about his playing than it does about mine?!).