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Noam Chomsky Looks at the Elections, the Economy & the World

Thank you for attending the event with Noam Chomsky; over 800 people attended the sold-out presentation. 

The program book is online for download. An audio recording by the sound engineer, Freeman Z, is available below.

Sergio Reyes' introduction to Noam Chomsky concluded with a sharp question regarding the former's election prediction. This is also from Freeman Z's recordings:

Democracy Now! carried a transcript and full-length video of Noam Chomsky's presentation. You may also download a podcast from there for later playback.

What's Next?
Arlington Street Church
Wednesday November 19, 2008
doors open @ 6:00 p.m.
tickets, $15 reception, $50








Any one of today's headlines would be shocking in and of themselves. Right now the various crises seem to be coming together:
  • Two weeks ago, science informed us that a quarter of the mammalian species face extinction! See
  • Catastrophic hurricanes continue to pound the Caribbean and parts of the US... such that the New York Times now maintains a "hurricane blog" See
  • Of the current financial crisis that we know all too well, the Financial Times summarizes its opinion about the solutions offered under the heading "Grand Claims But Only Tired Ideas"; See
  • The wars in the Middle East continue unabated with both major candidates promising to expand US involvement on one or more fronts – despite the warning from the top British commander that the war in Afghanistan is unwinnable See

But all is not bleak:

  • Latin America remains a zone of contention between imperial impositions and democracy from below, so much so that even while repeating right-wing orthodoxy, the Financial Times concedes that the left-wing governments "have proved more resilient than critics expected and are hugely popular among large sections of their populations." See
  • At home grassroots responses via independent mobilizing is having an impact. In Chicago, for example, the sheriff has refused to carry out home evictions... Read about Sheriff Dart's decision:
  • Despite the decidedly right-wing turn of campaign rhetoric, there is an unprecedented mobilization of the grassroots under the banner of "hope"; this broad mobilization has raised expectations that will have to be engaged!
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