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Solidarity with the Ayotzinapa 43

A Ukrainian tablecloth, a pair of boots, a faded newspaper

Stories of Ukraine from my grandmother and her grandmother

Opens October 8, 2014, Ongoing Exhibition What is the historical context of the current crisis?  How do political and economic interests affect the keyplayers involved? What roles do culture and language play in the conflict? How would potential resolutions affect the people of (what's left of) Ukraine? And most importantly, what would my Ukrainian grandmother have thought about all this?

In the main hall of encuentro5, an exhibit is unfolding of familial and cultural artifacts, photographs, videos, books, maps, and stories. Visitors are invited to explore some of the historical pivots and present-day nuances of this multifaceted crisis through a varied display of articles that were passed down from my grandmother or collected from journeys across Ukraine over the past decade.

The exhibit's collection will gradually expand and culminate into a multi-media presentation that will span the life-story of my Ukrainian grandmother, Natasha (whose name means hope), and consider some of the more controversial topics underpinning recent events in Ukraine. Presentation will be followed by discussion (date TBD).

1/25 Activist Ball@Spontaneous Celebrations

encuentro5 and OB-R/CAMP invite you to an event of action - get up on your feed and DANCE action! with our host committee John BergAlexandra Piñeros-ShieldsChris Faraone, Luis Edgardo Cotto, Robin Jacks, and Nadeem Mazen. For more information and to save your place, visit the Activist Ball's website.


See Alex Papali of the Green Justice Coalition

Visit our UStream.TV channel for the Brown Bag Lunch presentation by Alex Papali of Clean Water Action and the Green Justice Coalition. For links to other videos, please see our Video Links Page.

Mass. Global Action and the encuentro 5 community stand with our fellow Boston residents!

As we reach out to our friends and neighbors seeking assurance that everyone is safe, Mass. Global Action and encuentro5 express our shock and grief at the horrific bombing visited upon our city. We reject this act of violence and remain steadfast in seeking the peaceful resolution of all conflicts.



Video: Andrew Kliman on Capitalist Production

Thanks to Doug Greene for helping organize this event under the auspices of the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture. Visit the event description here.

Video: Peter Van Delft on the Labor Movement

Thanks to Doug Greene for helping organize this event under the auspices of the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture (together with Mass. Global Action and the Downtown Workers Center and for recording this video. Visit the event description here.

Community Responses to the e5 Transition & How You Can Help

How you can help: (1) read our transition statement; (2) volunteer with one of our teams - program, operations, re-location, fundraising; (3) become a sustainer or make a donation; and (4) provide a written or video testimony to your experience/relationship with e5 on our facebook page. See some of the testimonies that we've collected so far by clicking here.

Diverse community activists are meeting at e5 to figure out their responses to our transition. On July 23, at 6:00 p.m.,  e5 will host a community meeting (at e5 with the option of remote participation) to discuss the transition and our options. Ranging from a Unitarian Unversalist minister to public interest lawyers to Dewey Square veterans, this meeting came together with 24-hours notice. Later Doug Greene shot a short video with testimonies from several of the meeting's attendees. Click "read more" to view the video."

Technology & Direct Democracy

Friday, June 22nd, 2012, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m.  Occupy Boston Information & Technology (OBIT) is proud to present a consensus building tool focused on accessing direct democracy and using technology to influence political outcomes at the state and federal levels.

While many carry beliefs that electoral politics are tainted by corrupt practices and big money Super PACS, there are others who still believe that it is important that voters leverage their power through actively challenging their elected officials to speak for the people

On June 22 we will look at the various ways that technology is being used to impact true democratic practices and get more people involved in the drafting and revision of proposed legislation.

Richard Seymour on American Insurgents: A History of American Anti-Imperialism

Thanks to Doug Greene for organizing this event under the auspices of the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture and recording this video.

Truth and Revolution: Michael Staudenmaier on the Sojourner Truth Organization

On Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012, Michael Staudemier added his analysis of the Sojourner Truth Organization to the Howard Zinn Memorial Lecture Series of #OccupyBoston's Free School University. This video was provided by the event organizer, Doug Greene. Click on "read more" below for more the 2nd part of this presentation.

Getting Ready for May Day 2012

Dorotea Manuela from the Boston May Day Committee and a comrade kick off the poster-making session for this Tuesday's May Day actions.

The Global Teach In

View Global Teach-In in a larger map


Wednesday, April 25th, 2012, 12 noon - 4:00 p.m. - The Global Teach-In will take place simultaneously in seven countries and multiple cities. This interactive and participatory event will include discussions by experts, grassroots activists and citizens at large concerned about developing solutions to policy problems and creating alternative institutions.  

Featuring - Gar Alperovitz, Ellen Brown, Pamela Brown, Nicholas Caleb, Colin Hines, Oscar Kjellberg, Bill McKibben

From Boston: Aaron Tanaka (Boston Workers Alliance) and Paul Shannon (Majority Agenda Project)

Austria: Vienna - Canada: Kelowna, British Columbia; Toronto, Ontario - South Africa: Durban - Sweden: Stockholm - United Kingdom: Birmingham, England; Edinburgh, Scotland; London, England - United States Ann Arbor, Michigan; Annandale-on-Hudson, New York; Boston, Massachusetts; Burlington, Vermont; Chicago, Illinois; Madison, Wisconsin; New York, New York; Olympia, Washington; Portland, Oregon; San Francisco, California; Washington, DC - Venezuela: Caracas

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Cuba's Latin American School of Medicine

Thursday, March 29th, 2012, 7:00 - 9:00 p.m. Lillian Holloway MD grew up in West Philadelphia. She worked as a certified nursing assistant before deciding to go to medical school. She graduated from the Latin American School of Medicine, Havana, Cuba in 2009. She is currently a resident in Family Practice and an MPH candidate at University of Illinois Hospitals in Chicago.